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The Author Of this Site Richard Kybartas has spent his working life  building and servicing numerous Automotive, Industrial, Marine, and Commercial facilities in Southern Ontario and the Southern US.  During that tenure there was one persistent problem that was evident across a broad spectrum of the value added or service base industries. In most cases the the creator or builder experiences a form of entrapment from the supply chain of his or her particular industry. There is a virtual one way street of product procurement, parts and materials continuously stream in for use with the excesses either never leaving or simply being discarded as refuse. This single wasteful practice contributes to not only the demise of many enterprises, but at the same time taxes our environment needlessly and is increasingly unsustainable.                                                                                            This site will endeavor to create and establish a community of professionals  and Do it your selfers with a mind of building a two way street or an avenue to liquidate and put to good use their products while monetizing their refuse.

Members will be able to procure their consumables at discounted rates, draw on resources of skills , and enhance their abilities to liquidate their end products in a more environmental conscious and economical fashion.Thus enhancing profitability and all of our lives.



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